This machine eats everything


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While not strictly Jeep related, I think this is cool. This machine can eat cars whole and spit out metal pieces

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Terry you really need to regroup with this issue cause it really hurts my feelings when you tease me like this. Now I wanna see the monster.
Well darn ! It should be availaible for me to see on my brand new Dell lap top. What is the problem? I dont understand . Really I dont get it.
Ok. I'm stubborn and thick headed sometimes, but jeesss. why post something folks can't see ?
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I have no smart phone. I tried useing my samsung tablet. Nothing! Oh well what is this thing supposed to be?

I've fixed the broken video. Now Gennybro you can look into the eye of the beast.

I am going to take my 2000 Grand to this "Monster" if the heater core ever goes out again !

I'll bet that's a pain to get at. Was it the heater core or just one of the electric flap motors

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No it was the heater core, it had a big O hole in it. worst part was the prior owner gluded the dash back together after a stero install.