What did you do to your Jeep today?

Dug the title out and I'm on my way to the insurance co to hand it over. I've sold the hard top, sold the cab cover, and all I have left is the cb antenna that wasn't attached during the accident. :'( Bye forever Monty.


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Another bored machinist project. Made some roll bar clamps for the high lift jack.
2014-01-10 18.22.13.jpg
Mounted the jack and the quick pull fire extinguisher.
2014-01-25 15.01.53.jpg
In the third pic there is a bolt under the bushing you replaced. That bolt has another bushing that allows the seat to glide forward. When it goes, the seat doesn't glide so easy and the seat will rock back and forth. I could not find a replacement so, I stacked up 4-5 Teflon washers to replace . It lasted a few years and need to be replaced.

Where did you get the bushing you used?

So this only lasted a year or two. Here is what I replaced it with now.
Figured out why I could feel the Jeep vibrating more as I was driving...
The skid plate was completely packed with ice. It took me about an hour to spray it out with the water hose

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Cleaned out the interior of the CJ, mostly the rear floor behind the two front seats. Filled up a 7.62 ammo can with various caliber brass of pistol and rifle cartridges. Ran 3 speaker wires to the rear, installed 2 speaker pods and a small subwoofer and amp.. Removed the center console and modified the brackets then attached a locking electronic vault on the back side so its un-noticeable from the outside. Found my handheld GPS , iPod and my leg holster that I have been missing for over a year, lol... Life is good.

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what did I do to my jeep today ? I changed the oil and oil filter. I used a Mopar oil filter with Castrol 10-40. I do this every 3000 miles
Drove it to work and back home. Then took off the spare and spare tire mount. Also the rear bumper, now to figure out how to remedy the bumper mount situation.