What does this tire valve tool do?


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I've been putting together an offroad toolkit to take on an upcoming trip. One of the recommendations was to get some spare tire valve cores, as people often remove (and loose) them when airing down. I picked up this kit on amazon:


Screwdriver style and the one with the blue center seem to be for tightening and loosening valve cores.

The silver one in the middle I don't quite get the use for.

It has four 'ends' :
-a female portion that looks like it could be a cap
-a valve core end, the same as the other two tools
-a tapered end, kind of like a step bit
-a threaded end

So what would I use this silver tool for?

It can be used to remove/tighten the valve core along with depressing it to remove some air.

I have one somewhere, don't think I've ever seen the blue one before.
Do you screw the threaded part of the silver one into the valve stem to release air? That would make sense I suppose.
Run over or thru the threads to clean or repair cross threads.

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