What is everyone asking for Christmas?


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I'm getting a new bidirectional ODBII sensor that hooks into my phone. Probably not needed for my old TJ, but should be good for the wife's Highlander.

What are you guys looking for?

I just want to see everyone healthy and able to come to the house for Christmas. I had COVID last year which necessitated canceling our Christmas.
I just would like to see everyone.

I.feel christmas should be more like thanksgiving where its more for families to see each other instead of people spending money they dont have on presents for people they only see ince a year

I really don’t want anything. Just need to catch up on what i already have. Could use a good body repair place to take care of some rot.
Im not good at that.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
Showing off my Christmas presents. I got a full set of flexible ratcheting wrenches, and that bi-directional ODB2 scanner I was looking for.


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