What is the socket or connector called for my TJ's brake lights?


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I went on a shopping spree on AliExpress about a month ago, and just when I forgot that I purchased them my new smoked brake lights showed up. They seem to be okay quality but I definitely want to be able to put the factory ones back on if need be. Where can I get the connectors that I need to make this plug and Play, it's currently just bare wires.

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hello guys,
The socket or connector for the brake lights on a Jeep TJ is called a 3157 socket. This socket is a common type of socket used for automotive bulbs and is designed to fit 3157-sized bulbs, which are dual-filament bulbs used for both brake lights and turn signals. You can typically find replacement 3157 sockets at most auto parts stores or online retailers.
Thought he meant the wiring socket. Esp being he is installing LED tail lights.

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Yeah, I'm looking to swap the entire enclosure

I went out to take the old one off, but it's much more involved than I thought. Just looking at the passenger side, I'll have to take the charcoal canister off to get at the nuts holding it on.

This may be a project for warmer weather.