1. Death Wobble mechanic?? - DC / Arlington/ Reston area

    Hi all,
    long story short, anybody know of a reliable Jeep Wrangler JK mechanic to diagnose and fix a persistent death Wobble issue?

    Been experiencing the death wobble in the 60 mph range, at times very extreme. Tried having one mechanic fix itÖ. They didnít and determined unreliable (despite having 4x4 in their company name). Dealership wonít touch it. Any recommendations of reliable mechanics that are able to isolate the issue, whether sway bar, etc. I simply donít have garage, tools, resources nor time to fix myself.

    thank you,

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    Death Wobble mechanic?? - DC / Arlington/ Reston area

    What year?
    What lift?

    Start with changing the track bar. If you have a press you coukd gust change the frame side bushing. Get bolts large enough to fill the hole in the frame and in the bushing.

    After that do a dry steer test and replace any loose parts. TREís ball joints, drag link, Control arms. Check wheel bearings.
    Replace U-Joints in drive shafts and axels if they are loose.

    Lastly get a 4 wheel alignment and have your wheels road balanced.
    Tighten the frame side to spec.

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    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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