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    New to the board and hope I can give some input. For now I need a question answered. I noticed small (quarter size) drops of coolant on my garage floor. traced it to freeze plug on the far right...right under the exaust manifold! Anybody know a trick for getting it out and the new one IN without takeing off manifolds?? Also, hear water noises after shut off and slight hiss at radiator cap, no need to ever add coolant..odd i know. could leaking cap allow enough pressure to build to pop freeze plug?? In dallas so not too cold either. thanks in advance

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    Hi Derek,

    I heard of guys going through the wheel well. Try removing your wheel and get the flap out of the way and see if you can reach it with a long screw driver. The way I operate, I'd even cut out a piece of the inner fender to reach it or remove the inner fender. Anything to save removing the manifolds. Hope this helps.

    My 93 4.0 always made those funny air/water noises after shout off. I never bothered with it since everything seemed to be OK and I have 138K on it.

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    Thanks for the tip Ritt. Will take a look-see and plan a course of action. Wife wants to go play in the mud this weekend since baby is out of town, after that will replace plug...or plugs if I end up having to remove manifolds.


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