1. RE: Buying a 1999 XJ ... Needing lift suggestions

    So, when I accelerate hard or turn sharp, the exhaust pipe just behind the gas tank/above the axle is hitting some metal arm thing. My 4X4 shop says they have to "notch" it because they can't move it forward. Won't this affect the no-kink piping and straight flow I paid so much for? Anyone else with this trouble? Any suggestions and/or solutions from the team out there? On the plus side, my jeep goes now with the bigger tires (only 30's--I have a 2.5 litre) and sounds great downshifting, a little bit a back-burble like the new mustang!
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    ahh.. yes.. back-burble... we all love back-burble... i like your terminology there.

    I don't really see mandrel kinkless piping to be really necessary in a jeep, but since you DID get it, great.

    I'll ask, did THEY make the pipe or was it part of a kit? If they made it, they are responsible for making it clear and should have to reroute it so it does. If it is part of a kit, then you may just have to take a walk on the custom side
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    Here's a lifted KJ

    I had a clearance problem with a new exhaust I installed... new mounts were too long in the rear.... it would knock and rub on the TC skid plate... I just used a crowbar and pulled on it and bent it up enough to where it would not make contact.. no more noise

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    RE: Re: RE: Random Poetry...

    why not remove the "metal arm thing" its probably the track bar. I had that problem too, worried about it until I read how many people (here) just remove it.

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    thanks for the idea, and you're right, as I read your message, it is the track bar my shop said as the problem, which I thought sounds kind of important? where can I read more about turfing the thing, anyway? also, what does it do? thanks again for the help!
    I live my life a quarter mile at at time... it\'s gonna be a long life, in my jeep!

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    RE: stuck brake bleed nipple

    The rear track bar on a YJ keeps the rear axle from moving side to side. It's not real important as the leaf springs do a good job of locating the axle and the axle tracks relatively straight behind the solid spring hangers on the frame.

    The front track bar is needed, as the axle tracks behind shackles, which introduce side to side movement.

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    Ya, ditch that rear trac bar!!!

    I could argue that the front trac bar is not really neccessary as well, but I won't...

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    RE: Flat fender kit for a YJ???

    But i have a tj?
    I live my life a quarter mile at at time... it\'s gonna be a long life, in my jeep!

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    Yea thats what I was worried about... Im not sure, but I dont think its a good idea to totally remove the trackbar on a TJ.

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