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    Question replacing brake line- what size?

    I am buying some bulk stainless brake line to replace the lines in the engine compartment. what size does an 84 cj7 use? there is 1/4, 3/16, 5/16 and 3/8 available...my jeep and manuals are an hour away and I forgot to measure before I left.
    my lines were in good shape but a friend put a regular wrench on the flare nuts and stripped them...both lol(at both front wheels where they enter the frame)
    I cannot get the nuts loose now(was originally just changing the rubber brake hose to stainless steel) so i guess I will cut the lines and install new. i have a double flare tool and flare wrenches to install. what is the best tool to cut the line for a nice clean cut? I was thinking a cut wheel but it may fray...
    on the bright side, we are doing a motor swap(186k and serious oil leaks) to a fresh 4.2 and a howell tbi. painted the entire engine compartment, frame, suspension etc. new clutch, discos, bushings,wire looms,shroud,crank pulley, hoses,belts,borla header and exhaust(wow was my stock exhaust rusted! lol)
    it is coming together nicely and should be like a brand new jeep in another week or two. I will post some pics in a thread soon. I used "zero rust" on everything and it went real smooth. thanks!

    sorry for the long winded post but im excited
    84 cj7 in middle of motor swap,TBI,borla and all kinds of goodies
    79 z28 deep in restoration mode
    69 corvette t-top black/black L46 4 speed 52k original miles,frame off restored councours show winner

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    3/16" is most common, it's what is on both of my jeeps.

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