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Thread: gas milage

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    i got the 258 I 6 and get about 12-13 miles to the gaLLON...that isnt a great number but it is what most people seem to get with the you have a 4-banger?? [addsig]

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    I use to get the same, Add a K&N filter to my factory air box and got rid of my cat and old muffler added a glasspack so my exaust could breath, now I get closer to 20 mpg. going to change over to the cone filter as seen in the recent post as soon as the new box filter gets worn out or I can find a buyer for it! Tug[addsig]

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    tug, you want to get rid of your k&n stock air box filter? how much? is that air box the same on 4.0 and 2.5 liter engines? i got an 89 YJ 2.5L. I'm interested. Email me if you want.[addsig]
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    My 89 with the 4.2 gets 16mpg. The only "performance" upgrades so far is the ignition upgrade, fresh set of Champion plugs, new cat and a Flowmaster.[addsig]
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    I get about 13-15 in town in my 89 YJ with a 4.2 and a little better on the highway depending on which way the wind is blowing [addsig]

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    I am lucky to get more than 100 miles to a tank.I usally fill up about 93 miles and i have the 15gallon tank so that make me getting about 6-8 mpg[addsig]
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    6-8 miles per gallon thats messed. You better check that tank for leaks [addsig]

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    hey hi the 6 filter box is larger than the 4cyl box. [addsig]
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    12-15 with 258 and a weber [addsig]
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    I usually get around 12-14, depending on the driving. If I go off roading that usually kills the old gas mileage, but hey, the crappy mileage makes up for it in the summer.

    Can't take the top and doors off a 40 mpg honda!!!! [addsig]

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    Just under 21 MPGs, if I keep it on the road, but off the interstate. I'd say 16 MPG is a good average.[addsig]

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    about 18-19 city and 21 highway 2.5 95 YJ stock set up[addsig]

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    I with jeeper 89 with my 4 banger 91 and my 88 4.2 wont run long enough to find out, but as for my 4 cylinder, i have a cool air intake, tbs exhauset header on back, and an ignition system and my sucks, I am also running 31 wich isnt much so i have no clue its not running rich doesnt bog down just likes my heavy foot and 87 octane i get about the same even in 4wd, its just a gas hog even when i drive it easy and shift at 2500 I only get around 120 miles to a tank I dont have a working gas gage but it takes around 12-13 gallons weird and no leaks [addsig]

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    mine was pretty low this week and then i went to get gas and realised some sumofa***** stole my gas cap!

    you better run Terror! Im comming for you!

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    Between 14-16 mpg if I'm lucky...mine's an automatic, so I have the three speed....Patti[addsig]

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    About 18-19 highway. Id say a lot less in the city. 13 maybe.[addsig]

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    I copied this from my post over in the general chat........

    So as most of you know, my catalytic convertor fell out (I should get a new one soon ) Then over a week later I built a custom intake unit and used a K&N cone filter. Well, I finally filled up my tank this morning. I did 257 miles on 14.38 gallons. A whopping 17.87mpg!!!!!!! This was 90% city driving and I only had the new intake on for a week. I'll have more accurate stats in about 2 weeks when I have to fill up again.

    To date, I've driven for a week and barely used a quarter tank of gas, and I've done about the same amount of driving I usually do.[addsig]

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    <TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font class="pn-sub">Quote:</font><HR></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT class="pn-sub"><BLOCKQUOTE>I was thinking of getting one of those k&amp;n filters.. I know other people who have had good luck with them. I was told that he got better gas milage, and a slight more umph in driving.

    My cat is rather loud, it almost sounds like i have an animal inside (hehe).. do those "performance cats" actually allow more air flow out... or are they just not worth it?</BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>

    Just bought &amp; installed a k&amp;n today. Seems like there is a little more power on the bottom end. Don't know about the gas milage yet have only put about 17 miles on it since I installed it. As for performance cats....don't know anything about how good they work[addsig]

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    '91 YJ 2.5 gets 20 mpg in the summer and about 13 mpg ,so far ,this winter. Its been so damn cold here that I have to let it warm up for a 1/2 hour every day.[addsig]

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    Since doing my exhaust mods, I've noticed alot more power and better gas mileage. The K&amp;N I have is part number; RE-0930. You can also clean them out pretty good and get alot of life out of them. Here's a link to my post of the intake I made, Todd's kicka$$ air intake LMAO[addsig]

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