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    I've got a 95 Wrangler and I'm needing to get some new tires. What is the maximum tire size for a factory rim? Right now I have P235/5R15. I want something a little bigger but not too big becuase this is my daily commuting vehicle but I also use it when I go hunting.




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    Lots of people use 31x10.5 tires on their factory wheels. They will rub the fender flares slightly if used hard offroad but it really isn't enough to worry about. With a 2" lift you could fit a 33x10.5 on your factory wheels.

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    A friend of mine has 30X9.50 BFG Allterrains on his stock 90 YJ... they seem to work well and only rub a little when the wheels are turned all the way to one side.
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    oh no . i have a 33 12.50 15 mounted as a spare. have not had to use it yet . should i rethink this ? could not justify a fifth american eagle just for a spare. had it mounted where they no habla engish, so did not get a argument . oh ya , it was mounted on a factory wheel. any thoughts. .odax :-? [addsig]

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    The factory rims usually have the max tire size stamped on the inside of the rim. I have 31 10’x on mine ( alloy five spoke) and they’re just fine. Just be careful, jeeps with those small tires, like the 235’s look a bit odd, don’t you think?[addsig]

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    A 235 or a 30x9.5 is about as big as you can go on a YJ with no lift. You can install a 31x10.5 on a TJ with no lift.[addsig]

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