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    Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew how to lower the windshield for wheeling on a 99 TJ sahara. Also if i do this, is it going to screw up the watertight seal and let rain and snow in the cab. Please help!![addsig]

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    I know nothing about a TJ but it is a Jeep and one of the fun things about a Jeep is the fold down windshield. CJ has two turn knobs one on each side that you remove then fold it down. The YJ has a plate and you remove a few bolts on each side then losen the role bars that go to the windshield and fold that puppy down. My guess is that you are able to do much the same if you take a min and look it over. Will it mess anything up and cause it to leak. Maybe most likely not if you put it back like it goes. You mean it dont leak already? hehehe you got a good one. Wear some goggles or a big pair of sun glasses if you do this and keep your mouth shut to avoid eating bugs. :-D tug[addsig]

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    The manual outlines this procedure fairly well....from what I can tell (havent had the chance to do it yet)



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    Unbolt the roll-bar spreaders from the main bar to the windshield, take 'em completely off. May have a plate at the bast of the windshield, at each side of the dash, remove that. Don't forget to remove the wipers.

    It may or may not leak water under the dash during a rain. It's about a 50/50 chance that your feet will get wet [addsig]

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    i think you take off the wippers them on the side of the windshild there is a black torx head bold one on each side you might have to unbolt the roll bar or it might just slip out of the wind shield then lower windshield and make sure you stap it to the hood using the loop on the wind shield and hood and it should not leak but you will be eatiing bugs and not sure if's steet legal[addsig]

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