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    Well, we bought a house in a small town in eastern Ohio. Population is about 500 people. First thing I like to do is walk around town. Get a feel for it. A couple houses down on the main through fare are two CJ's. Look to be around '75-'82 models. Look to be in good condition though I've only viewed them from maybe twenty yards away. I noticed the one I'm most interested in is sitting near a tree and leaves are building up on the cowl area indicating that it is not driven regularly. What would be some prices on these given certain criteria. 1). All original-runs. 2). All original-needs work. 3). All original- needs restored. 4). Good driver. I would like to buy one but I don't want to offend the owner if he asks what I'm looking to pay. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Re: CJ pricing help

    Kinda hard to say, some area's they bring more than others. In my area, you might a CJ for 2000 or less but at that price it probably needs a top has tires that are about bald or dry rotted. Is rusty and or got plenty of bondo. In the neighborhood of 3500-4000, you'll get one that's not as bad. It'll still be in need, just not as bad. Prob be able to jump in and drive it daily but there will be issues. 6000 up you get a decent Jeep, it'd be more of a changing it to your taste kinda thing and smaller issues. Look at the frame really good. Look at the top really good, tires also have become expensive. A new top and tires will set you back over a grand give or take. Almost all CJ's have some rust (mine's terribal) but body pannels are cheap and if you have any welding skills they're an easy fix. The floor may be rusty but it's prob better than 30yrs old and had a soft top so odds are good you'll find rust. I like the v8's and the strait 6's in the CJ's. A 4speed is a big plus. Remeber this, all CJ's (maybe all Jeeps) are a bit needy. They are pretty darned fun though when the top is off or it's just snowed 6". Good luck

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    In my area the ones that are not running bring 2 grand. Decent ones that still need all the tlc are 3 to 4 k. Nice ones will bring 6 to 8

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    they are the same price as yjs here. same as listed above
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

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    What town in ohio are you out of, I live in Millersburg, check craigslist there's runners on there for less than a grand rht now on up to $5000 or more...some may be near you.

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    Thanks guys. I'm thinking the one I really like might be at $6000 for a low. From what I see it's in pretty good shape. No mods by the looks of it. Might have to go knock on the door. There is a lighter blue one also in the back, also looks in decent shape. I'll see about making contact tomorrow and I'll let you guys know. Eric, I'm in Mount Pleasant. The one in Jefferson County near the Ohio River. Ohio for some reason has six towns named Mount Pleasant. I've been to Millersburg. I'm originally from Zanesville. Moved over here four years ago and just bought a house. Thanks for the info guys, I'll know what to look for.

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    Re: CJ pricing help

    I've owned a couple of CJs, and live on the east coast like you, and I'd bet there's a good bit of rust on those CJs. It's hard to have one outside and not have it rust. Just make sure to inspect the frame well before you fork over some cash.

    I'd think that $4500 would be more of an average price for a good CJ, like this one:
    83 Jeep CJ7 Laredo 5spd **NEW ENGINE**

    Don't lowball them, but check similar Jeeps on craigslist first.
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