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    i tried to upgrade to GM hei , followed directions but chewed cam gear. is there a bronze
    distributer gear Instead of amc v-8 gear? need new cam now but worried about destroying another. Has anyone been sucessfull at this upgrade ? please advise. :-x [addsig]

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    Yes, I did this swap on a AMC 360. How or why did the gear get destroyed?[addsig]

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    I guess when i installed the distributer , the base flange was not seated on motor block so i forced it down . When i swapped out distributer gear it came w/washers or oil slingers, i think this slinger prevented dist. shaft from moving up or down slightly to maintain proper gear mesh and from seatin base. I have since removed oil slinger/washer. :-? [addsig]

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    Pulling a cam is no picnic. #$%!* I’ve always tried to use bronze gears when installing distributors - at least when it was possible. Just for that reason.

    A friend had the dist lock-up due to oil starvation and it too fried the cam gear (both) so we became acutely aware of that.

    I haven't pulled my 4L apart (yet). Do you know if there's a bronze or steel gear in there? :-?


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    my 4.0 is coming apart when the wallet will let me... and will go back together as a 4.6[addsig]
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    Hmmm, where's the extra 0.6 comming from????


    Sounds interesting. . . [addsig]

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    I´m getting old and they say the first thing to go is the old mind. Did a HEI conversion about a decade ago or so, when I was trurning the motor over by hand, checking out some other stuff, the cam kept wanting to push the distributor out of the hole. Asked a buddy to hold it down, while turning and it still came out. He said he wasn´t strong enough to hold it in. Didn´t seem right to me, I remember it was something with the steel pin holding the two shafts together, but am racking my brain trying to remember exactly what it was, with no success. It will come to me eventually, if I mull over it enough.[addsig]

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