1. Time for a new axle??

    Hello all- new member here. Was under my 2015 HR Rubi last weekend doing the diffs, trans-axle and manual tranny oil change when I noticed some grease that had been flung around the top from the Driveshaft. I have a 3-1/2" Metal Cloak lift with just over 60K miles. I don't know much about this, but I've read that the more extreme your axle drop is, the harder things are on it- and that I could expect this to happen eventually with any lift over about 2". What say you? Thanks in advance for any/all help!
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  2. Re: Time for a new axle??

    I bought my cj with a 2 inch lift. have had no problems with universals or oil seals. the ford bronco 11 had problems with universals. vin

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    Re: Time for a new axle??

    The cv type drive shafts are the same type in my grand Cherokee. I don’t know much about lifts but I can tell you these drive shafts can make some crazy noises. When mine went bad is honest to god sounded like someone was sticking an aluminum ball bat in a metal fan. I thought the engine had blown. But it looks like your boot just got worn out and it threw all the grease out. I see these come in the shop in this condition all the time. So you who knows how long it will last in that condition. Months or years. The drive shafts are super expensive but when mine went out I found a company online, in floridia I believe, that sold basically a rebuild kit. It came with everything to repair both ends. It’s been a year or two but it seems like it was around 100 bucks. Easy enough to do. The only special tool needed was the thing to tighten the band clamps.

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    Re: Time for a new axle??

    Did a quick search and looks like they are for sale everywhere now and have came down in price. Just make sure it’s the one for your Jeep. And even if only one end is bad I personally would go ahead and change both ends while you have the driveshaft out. I tried to post a pic but I’m new to the forum and couldn’t get it to upload. But just google “jeep cv driveshaft rebuild kit” and it will pop up

  5. Re: Time for a new axle??

    good boot question! changed a torn boot on an 88 caddy on one of two axles. later the other side tore. the boot kit was no longer avaiable. chineeze made boot was all you could get. sad, very sad! in

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