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    97 tj abs or no abs? Unsure.

    So my 97 tj sport has blown a brake line. The rest are just as bad. I canít determine based on what new lines to by if I need abs replacement lines based on what I see under the hood.
    non abs doesnít seem to have enough lines while abs replacement lines have all the seemingly correct brake lines. 🤔🤔🤔
    see my pix as Iím at a loss as to what buy to replace all the brake lines from master to wheels.
    Is the splitter just a brake warning system? I donít see/find an abs pump anywhere. The two lines from the master to the splitter donít appear anywhere in the non abs lines available for sale that I can see.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 97 tj abs or no abs?  Unsure.-d532434f-d8e8-44c0-bf87-622723e116b6.jpeg  

    97 tj abs or no abs?  Unsure.-c351f09a-0d96-49fd-b907-3e2d16cb0c99.jpeg  

    97 tj abs or no abs?  Unsure.-35bca407-7353-4d33-8686-b37b909232b1.jpeg  

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    Re: 97 tj abs or no abs? Unsure.

    Not an expert here, but don't you need a abs sensor (with a wire connected) to each wheel to have ABS? You may look for that.
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    Re: 97 tj abs or no abs? Unsure.

    Yes. I donít see one at any wheel. The replacement for non abs doesnít include the two short lines from master to splitter hence my hesitation. The abs version does have the lines and the lines to the wheels are different lengths for each version.

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    Re: 97 tj abs or no abs? Unsure.

    So itís not abs. I found the right lines that include all the correct parts. 🙄.
    didnít realize that was a proportion valve.
    new to jeep ownership. Old to mechanics.
    friend gave me his 97 tj. Have a lot to learn.

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    97 tj abs or no abs? Unsure.

    ABS was an option on the 97 TJ.
    Here is a rear speed sensor image and what it looks like installed.
    97 tj abs or no abs?  Unsure.-img_0746.jpg

    97 tj abs or no abs?  Unsure.-img_0748.jpg

    97 tj abs or no abs?  Unsure.-img_0747.jpg

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