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    clutch pedal

    Does anyone know if I can lower the clutch pedal.
    My 2014 JK Pedal is really high and I'm constantly resting my
    Foot on the pedal and slightly pressing the clutch in while driving. I'm 6ft and its awkward to rest my foot on the side.
    Anyone else have the same issue?

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    clutch pedal

    Cant say I find it odd resting my foot on the side. Between shifts from a stop I hover it over the pedal. Doesnt bother me any.
    though I drove manual trans my entire life.
    First was a 51 ford truck. No hydraulics.

    Maybe its your seat adjustment is too close or too far??

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    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: clutch pedal

    First was a 51 ford truck. No hydraulics.

    Small world, I have a 51 F1 in the barn. It was my daily driver when I bought it back in the mid 70s.

    I haven't adjusted the clutch travel on any vehicle built in the last 30 yrs but generally there is an adjustment somewhere between the pedal and the trans.

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