1. Fuel Vapor Storage Canister Hook Up

    1988 Jeep YJ with 258c.i. 4.2 I6 with 4.0 Head.

    I have picked up a used Fuel Vapor Storage Canister (original one was damaged). I am running a Motorcraft 2150 carb. In the back of the carb. is a single port that goes under the carb. and dumps into the intake manifold. I know that the PCV valve hose attaches to that port. Should I put a tee in the line and also send the charcoal canister purge signal to that port as well? What do you folks do in this case?

    So, the PCV and the canister purge signal will be tee'd to each other and then dump into the nipple at the base of the MC2150 that drops into the intake manifold. There seems to be no other ports on the MC2150 to use for this.

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    Re: Fuel Vapor Storage Canister Hook Up

    Dang. I am not at work so I cannot put up the diagram I made when I redid the vacuum system on my 87 yj with a stroker and the different carbs I tried out. I cannot remember how I did it so the diagram would be great right now.

    I ended up with a small 450cfm Holley four barrel. It worked way better than the Weber and 2150 motor craft did. More gas mileage and better power
    03 rhd tj

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