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    93 XJ dome light on

    I came home to find my dome light on in my 93 XJ. I have tried disconnecting all the door switches, and changed the headlight switch, and disconeected the rear light in the cargo area. The thing still stays on. I pulled the fuse to save the battery, but that also kills the radio for some reason. I have no idea what the problem is, or how to diagnose it from here. Any ideas?

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    Re: 93 XJ dome light on

    sounds like you may have a crimped wire that's grounding out on one of your switches check that one of those little plunger things didn't twist causing wires to touch causing a connection
    making your dome light to come on
    you could just remove bulbs keeping fuse in till you find your problem so at least you have your tunes

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    Do the switches work on ground or are they a 12v live wire that breaks the circuit?

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