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    Electrical Issues

    I've got a 99 Jeep TJ. My instrument cluster doesnt light up when I turn on my headlights on. I can get the cluster to light up when I work the light knob between full on and off. When they do light up, the engine shutters along with the radio....any help out there?

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    Re: Electrical Issues

    Welcome to Jeepz. Either there's a short to ground on the illumination circuit on the dimmer to cluster and radio or there's a bad connection on the back of the cluster thats affecting the communications line when the cluster lamps gets the full voltage. Do a process of elimination. Do you have an aftermarket radio installed?, disconnect the radio from the electrical connector and see if it still has the symptom. If not, check the connections on the back of the cluster for oxidation on the terminal pins. A magnifying glass will sometimes help in locating the oxidation on the affected circuits.
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    Re: Electrical Issues

    Look at the odometer when this happens and tell me if it says this:
    no bus

    If it does I know what it is. Just try that out.

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