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    Thoughts on this YJ????? Might buy

    I have a friend selling a 1994 YJ, has a 2 1/2 lift kit on it, nurf bars, few other extras, 33" tires. Looks great, he's the only owner, hardly ever been off road, mostly a commuter for him. 100K miles, 6-cylinder, manual. Everything I see about it screams BUY ME! His asking price on the market is $8k but he told me I could buy it for $7,000.

    Sorry that I don't have any pictures or more specifics on the other mods.

    If anyone has thoughts on this, if it's a deal, etc. Please share!!!


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    Re: Thoughts on this YJ????? Might buy

    Try to get it for 6k... I wouldn't pay more than that personally. Sounds like a nice rig otherwise... check the floorboards under the rugs. Probably not much rust down in SC actually.
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    Re: Thoughts on this YJ????? Might buy

    Sounds steep for a '94, how many miles?

    That's too large a tire for a 2.5" lift, chances are the fender flares are worn from the tires running. You need 4.5" or 5" minimum to clear without rubbing.

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    Re: Thoughts on this YJ????? Might buy

    I'm sure that it is a great rig, afterall it is a jeep, but $7000 is not a deal for that year even with the average miles!!! Check the KBB value, after you've found out all his mods, but regardless I'd pay 6000 at the very max. A lift actually lowers the resale value of a vehicle, and with a wrangler it can cause drivetrain damage (ie:u-joints and drive shaft damage because of the slip-yoke). Since he only has a 2 1/2 in. lift on it you should be ok. If you're going to stay with the 33 inch tires, I'd recommend a larger lift so that you don't put the tires into the wheel well every time you hit a bump in the road. If you do go with a larger lift you'll need a slip-yoke eliminator and CV driveshaft.
    Also check to see if he had it re-geared after putting the larger tires on, because with stock gears and 33 inch tires you'll have no top end power and poor gas mileage. Good luck on your Jeep hunt!

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    Re: Thoughts on this YJ????? Might buy

    Thanks for those thoughts already. I will plan on getting more specific information this Saturday when I test drive and snapping a few photos to share with everyone as well.

    The mileage is 100,000.

    I'm learning though, didn't think that $7,000 was too bad given what I've been seeing out on the market but I'll look it up in KBB as well and factor in the mods.

    Thanks again for the thoughts. You guys are priceless!

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    Re: Thoughts on this YJ????? Might buy

    Sounds like a decent Jeep, but for $7K, it should be damn near mint condition and I would want both hard and soft tops and full doors. I've seen ones like that go for less.

    Check NADA, Edmunds, and KBB to get an average of it's actual value.

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