1. 1994 Jeep YJ fuel pump issue

    Hello all...name is Jeff...I have been working on repairing/replacing things on my 1994 YJ in my garage for about 4-5 years...literally has been off the road on jack stands and garaged. I am really close now and have run into an issue. Hope you can help. One of those repairs was a leaking gas tank. I dropped itand replaced with a new one and kept the same fuel pump. All clean all back together nicely, hoses were labeled. Recently, IInstalled a new battery and turned the key to confirm that I could hear the fuel pump kick on and it did...I was happy about that. Icranked the Jeep after YEARS of not running and it started right up and ran super smooth...I ran it for about 3-5 minutes with no issues. I shut the key off motor shut offsmoothly. I immediately turned the key to see if it would restart easily....NO FUEL PUMP....no noise...can’t hear it click on for those twopriming seconds...crank and cranks...obviously no fuel....WTHhappened???...I have already tried swapping relays aka horn for fuel pump, horn for auto shut down...all seem to be working becausethe horn blows with all of them....no fuel pump...What am I missing?...another fuse?... an a fuel pump just die like that after running great for 5 minutes...seems so unlikely and like it should be a simple something going on. I am a 50 year old man and have built motors and cars, but not a jeep. I have what I would consider 7or 8/10 knowledge around vehiclesand engines....this one is getting me...I have read many stories about replacing a fuelpump to no avail...want to avoid that as dropping the tank is a real ***** project....AGAIN!...haha...can someoneplease help?...I would be appreciative...Thank you all in advance, glad to be part of the group

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    Re: 1994 Jeep YJ fuel pump issue

    Could it be security key?
    Crank sensor? Any codes?


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  3. Re: 1994 Jeep YJ fuel pump issue

    94 do not have a security key. Well, mine dont.
    Needs to go yonder.

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