1. tail lights suck

    So my passenger side rear running light isnt working.
    the assembly is fine, everything work fine when plugged into the other side.
    There is no power to the wire that powers that running light.
    can i splice into the power wire for the driver side to power the passenger side.
    Or do i have to run a new wire from the fuse box back too the light.

  2. Re: tail lights suck

    Better to run new wire from fuse box back. Splicing could cause you to start blowing the fuse.

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    Re: tail lights suck

    Sounds like s break or pinch in the wire. A good auto electric shop will have equipment to pinpoint the problem....or, rewire it yourself.

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    tail lights suck

    What year model???

    On TJ the passenger side is spliced from the driver side near the driver rear.

    Trace the wire back.
    Verify you have a good low res ground.

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