1. TerryMason

    Recommendations for exterior dash cams

    I'd like to buy a camera to mount on the outside of my windshield while offroading. Anyone know of one that would work well, but not break the bank? It would need to be waterproof, and have a decent battery.
  2. M

    new softtop for sale

    brand new, Bestop top of line, black. fits 2018’s and back. doesn’t fit 2020’s which is what i have. make me an offer. 710mitzi@ or paid a little over $2000.00 but i will drop the price, i’m willing to work with you if serious about buying. just contact me at my...
  3. C

    Bought a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer for $300

    Hi all! Cory here. New to the forum. So recently I acquired a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer Limited from a very generous seller. I'm almost as old as it is! A friend of mine who works at an auto restoration shop knows I've been in a hard spot lately and made me aware of this. The seller decided that a...
  4. C

    Steering wheel buttons working intermittently on WK2

    2017 GC Laredo. Steering wheel buttons sometimes work, sometimes don't (cruise, radio, menu, phone). paddle shifters and entire turn signal stalk always work. No airbag light is coming on. Position of steering wheel or outside temperature have no improvement (so i don't suspect a clock...
  5. O

    New Member Wake Forest, NC

    We were visiting some friends at Crossroads Ford Wake Forest back in March 2022 and not planning on purchasing. Until this 2019 Jeep Moab (All custom done by CDT performance including a ProCharger) caught my wife’s eye…and the rest is history… This is going to be quite interesting as my wife...
  6. superj

    tailgate third brake light contacts

    good morning guys!! is the access to the back side of those contacts for the third brake light accessed from the wheel area? i moved the black plastic a little and squeezed my hand up in but i couldn't feel the body side of those contacts. i ask because only the top contact is there so i...
  7. M

    Engine Camshaft Synchronizer

    Could someone please tell me which Synchronizer would work for my 1993 jeep Cherokee
  8. GirlzJeep

    YJ rear driveshaft/pinion angle

    Edit. Looking for the best slip yoke eliminator kit & CV driveshaft to throw onto this girl. She dropped her rear driveshaft in the road. Brands or suggested dealers? Thanks a million!
  9. F

    Want to learn how to work on my Jeep TJ

    I've driven my 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport 6 cyl for 160K miles since it was new, and now that I'm retired and have time I'd like to learn to work on it a bit myself. It's not a project car, it's my main ride .... I just love Jeeps! So far I've only installed LED headlights and have ordered...
  10. H

    Parts suggestions

    I have a1973 cj5 304 t-15 transmission. I am looking for the release handle and cable for the parking brake. I have found a 1972 release handle but the sites are clear that they will not work. So Is it possible to find another model year pedal mechanism that will work? My parking brake...
  11. E

    Bent Front Housing- 1987 Jeep YJ

    Hey so I have a bent front housing on the front of my 1987 Jeep YJ and I was wondering if anyone has replaced this before and what years of housing will work without having to do too much more to get it to work. Probably looking to just replace the whole front end if it’s easier. Any information...
  12. R

    Smittybuilt ext soft top

    I have a 2008 Wrangler Unlimited JK and I bought a 2015 Smittybuilt extended top 94535f or it. I also bought the 2015 OEM soft top for it too! But I cannot get the extended top to stretch out over the top of my Jeep. Heat doesn't work, the weight from rather large friends of mine doesn't...