Steering wheel buttons working intermittently on WK2


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2017 GC Laredo. Steering wheel buttons sometimes work, sometimes don't (cruise, radio, menu, phone). paddle shifters and entire turn signal stalk always work. No airbag light is coming on. Position of steering wheel or outside temperature have no improvement (so i don't suspect a clock spring). The only way to possibly get buttons to work is shutting Jeep off for maybe 10 minutes, the re-start and hope - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Once, buttons quit while driving, but usually just won't work after Jeep has been turned off for a while, then back on (e.g. re-fueling, errands, over night). When they do work, they continue to work until Jeep is shut off (one time I just stopped and put into Park and they quit).
Dealer suggested one of 3 modules, starting with the module in the steering wheel. I'm confused - a "module" being an electronic device is either "good" or "bad" not intermittent correct?
Could there be a loose connection, and where might I look for that?
Thanks for your experienced thoughts

Id start at the back of the radio. Make sure all connectors are plugged together. Up to each connector or module to the steering wheel. For it to be all or nothing it sounds like something is loose. If there are modules check their ground or if they look cracked…

There is one wire loom that goes from Left / Right steering wheel to the one connector for radio and one for cruse. This connection might be it.

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