2012 PatriotJeepers,Inc Mass Jeep club

At first I thought "Patriot Jeepers" referred only to folks who had the Jeep Patriot...duh! on my part!

BTW...I love anything to do with Patriotism for our country. It is sadly becoming a lost sentiment with all of this "globalism" nonsense.

Rubiconrich said:
That's funny you never see any lifted Jeep Patriot's.look like new XJ's LOL

i had a man ask me what year my patriot was yesterday... i drive a 1999 XJ... darn those patriot drivers
that's funny. It's like saying my CJ7 is a wrangler. or people say they have a Wrangler OK.......... What mdel YJ,TJ ,TJL,Jk, jk 4 DOOR