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I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee Laredo and love it.

How do I know which alternator it needs? I see three, 160, 180 and 220 amps. I’ve read it originally had a 164 amp alternator.

It got a new battery 6 months ago. It recently started sluggishly after the second crank, had very little power which diminished quickly and would not start. It can be jumped. I hope it’s a dead cell in the battery, but in case it’s not I want to bring the right alternator to be installed.

There are a wide range of prices. Should I be ok with a rebuilt alternator? It has 110 K miles and I plan to keep it forever.

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A place like Advanced Auto or Autozone should be able to test the battery as well as the alternator (I *think* they test alternators)

That would be better than just swapping the parts out.

You may also want to look at the belt that powers the alternator to see if it needs to be changed. A loud squeak from the front of the car when starting / driving is a good give-away of this.
Thank you! The vehicle is already at the shop. If they tell me it is the alternator, I plan to supply the part myself. I am an older woman who does not work on vehicles myself. Their mark up is ridiculous. They are the best shop in town from my experience and from the car guys who recommended them years ago.
The best price I’ve found is a Quality Built brand OE replacement, 160v, remanufactured for $246 plus $46 for the core from Carparts. Is this a good replacement?

Thanks so much, Terry!

I don't think that "Quality Built brand OE replacement" is an actual brand name - sounds like a description to me, as opposed to a brand.

I usually shop online at RockAuto. The website looks like it's from the 90s, but they have good prices. They have a number of new and re-manufactured alternators. It looks like you can get a brand new MOPAR (this is the original equipment) for just shy of $500
2014 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 3.6L V6 Alternator / Generator | RockAuto

If it was me, I would let the shop quote you a price if they provide you equipment and another if you provide equipment. Ask if there is a warranty if they provide the equipment, what brand will be used, and if it is new versus re-manufactured.
It's not unheard of to be shipped a bad alternator, or even the wrong one. If the equipment you provide doesn't work, you may end up paying twice for the same repair.

Cold weather kills dying batteries. Weak becomes dead.

2nd what Terry said. Even out of the jeep you could take an alternator to be checked at Advanced, Auto zone, O’reilly’s…

I just revived a battery by servicing the cells. The vehicle started very slowly. Barely cranked. The cells were low on fluid, so, I added acid and put it on trickle charge for 2 days. Good to go.

If the alternator is bad replace it. I agree with Terry. If the mechanic. Buys the replacement it ask that it comes with a guarantee. Part and service.

Besides alternator and battery you may consider having them clean and polish the major power and ground connections.
The ground At the battery and at the engine and body. The power at the battery snd at the alternative and starter.
Over years those connections become oxidized and limit power through them. Cleaning them and a little dielectric grease restores good power flow.

Lastly if your vehicle had a 160A with no issues and there are no added big stereo or aux lights… then only buy a 160A alternator. Bigger is not better often just more expensive.

Rock auto is good. Just dont gorget to return the core within 2 weeks (their timeframe)or they will not refund the core charge.

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Thank you JPN, I’m new to Jeeps and appreciate the reminder to check the connections in the body-under the passenger seat.

It turns out it was the battery, free replacement. Having the serpentine belt changed too. I’ve had two break while I was driving. The first one broke as I was exiting an interstate and lost all power. That could have been disastrous.

Thank you for your kindness, insight and for sharing your wisdom.