3D printing?


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So my local library has a 3D printer, and I can book time on it - the material is free, so I'm thinking about making something. Anyone here do any 3D printing, or have any good ideas on what to make? I have no experience at all with this, so I'd be looking to download plans off the internet.

Custom knobs for the Jeep.

Jeep! not just a vehicle a way of life.

you could make a cool guy shift knob for the tcase or something.
That sounds cool. I was thinking sudo jeep shaped

Maybe a grill and headlights back with Jeepz raised above diagonally across the grill

Using Jeepz.com app
I actually do 3D printing and rendering at work ! Check out the website thingiverse.com for ideas!!! maybe try making a phone mount for your dash? or keychain or something to hang from your mirror? on that website you can just download anything you like to print out!

Check out the website thingiverse.com for ideas!!!

There is so much cool stuff on that site!

I like this stackable fuseholder:

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A Jeep keychain


They have a bunch of replacement parts too:


Not my style, but they have Angry Eyes:


And there's this beauty:


yes there is some pure genius on that site! I liked the GPS/Phone mount that attaches to the top of the wind shield/roof too