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Hey Guys, bought my first jeep 84CJ7 (project). Jeep starts up, backfires and will bog out if you try to drive it. Has new plugs/wires/distributor cap, fuel filter and carb.

Not really sure where or how to start and any information is appreciated !

Need Help!!!

Thanks, Gord
do you happen to have grown up with carbs and distributors? weird question, i know, but alot of people know nothing about that type of thing so it will help if we know your level of experience with vehicles.

my first wrangler was gotten from a kid that his parents bought it for him. he knew nothing about carbs and distributors and could not get the jeep to run right and straight traded me for my cherokee. i got it home and tuned to carb and it was back to normal. you might be in this type of situation
What type of carb is one it - the stock carter one? The bogging down sounds like a fuel delivery problem, but as Mark said, it would be good to set the timing.

How old is the gas?