'95 Wrangler YJ power issues after mud and water.


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I took my new 1995 2.5 4 cylinder YJ through some mud and a little bit of water the other day. On the way home I power washed the body and around the hood, not into the engine. It ran perfectly before I got home, but it then started running very sluggish and choppy, seeming to misfire and almost seem like it was going to die. I changed the plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor button as well as the ignition coil. I am at a loss here, the jeep is coming up with codes 12, 32, 21, 27, and 53. I am pretty handy with a wrench and doing my research, but can anyone help me figure out what the heck is going on? We are about to get some snow the next few days and kind of need to have this thing running properly pretty soon. Can anyone help?

With each new part, it seemed to run a little better, then goes back to bogging down and running choppy not long after.
This happened to me when I go stuck in a puddle and water got sucked up into the engine part, my son took and blew the water out of the area, we did new spark plugs wires and air filter, after that it ran pretty good, it still missed a little, I wish I could be more specific.....hope you can figure it out....