Banged up skid plate


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Banged up my skid plate playing with the cool kids... should I replace it?

That'll buff out.

Does it make contact with the things under it? If it rattles on the exhaust or something else, I'd have to replace it.
It's up against the tank. My cross member has a few dimples in it as well... Metalcloak has a system that has a new cross member with it but it's double the price of an OEM replacement skid plate... and to think, I had (honestly) said I wasn't going to offroad this Jeep 🤦🏽

I didn't realize the JK tank was there. That's probably a better place than on my TJ (behind the rear axle).

I've heard good things about metalcloak, but never used them myself. I bought my skid plates from Undercover Fab - JK Parts I'm happy with them. They are all surprisingly expensive though.

I wasn't sure if that messed with the integrity of it or not
So what is with that body mount?
Looks angled or loose.

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put some heat on it with a torch, much easier to work with. clamp it ,heat it and use a pipe wrench to bend it back into shape. youll be just fine.
I agree, fix it as best you can. It's not like a lot of folks will be crawling under your jeep complaining the skid plate is bent ..... and you know if you replace it the new one will suffer the same fate sooner or later.

Well ? What ya gonna do when the rock hits you, look in your wallet and go, Oh $hit.
I'd like to find a front skid plate to protect my lower radiator and steering box al la '70's Con-fer skidplates.