Build or Buy


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Hi all,

I've had three CJ7s over the years. I'm considering either buying a brand new Jeep or another CJ7 and having her completely worked over from the ground up. How feasible is it to find a shop that will do a full build for me? I'm not looking to do any work myself. At this point in my life, I have more money than skill. I really like the look of the older jeeps but if it's going to be too big a pain in the ass, I'll just get a new one and deal with all the plastic.
i would go with a cj, yj, or tj, just from the experience of owning all of those and the also owning a jku.

the jk and jku are fine but don't really feel like jeeps inside since they are really built for soccer moms and have all the power everything and leather heated/cooled seats and junk like that. if you want a really feels like a true jeep, the original cj and wranglers are the way to go.

If this is a second vehicle, or a toy, it would be pretty cool to have a CJ7 again.
Having said that, If it's too nice, I'd never want to wheel it. You need something in that sweet spot where it's reliable, but not to shiny.

I'd say buy the jeep you want. It will save you quite a bit of time, and maybe some money as well. Most rigs sell for less than what was put in them.