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New guy here .. I ordered my JLU on 3/11/22 and hoping it gets built one of these days ;)
I currently have a 2014 grand Cherokee that will be handed down to my son in September when he gets his license. So, as long as my build is done by then, all good. It would be nice to enjoy summer with it, though.
I went with a Willys as I'm not planning on any true offroading,and it seems to be upgraded enough to do some light trails and comfy enough to be my daily driver. Filled it full of old man packages to keep my butt warm, and an upgraded Alpine for my old ears. I got a soft top only, as that's half the reason I even want the jeep.
Hope to learn a little here and be able to resist buying mods before I even get the thing!
So far, here is my probable insta purchase list:
Stubby antenna
Phone mount
Sill guards
Front rockblockz mudflaps to keep the hinges from chipping up
Scotchgard for the cloth seats

Probably won't be able to resist some cool bumpers for too long.

I'm in North Jersey.
Thanks for reading :)

Welcome to the forum. I bet you are excited to get your new Jeep. Congrats on your purchase I hope it gets here soon.

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welcome to the club!!

sounds like a good starting point for mods. i have always enjoyed a stock wrangler for normal daily driving. no reason to put big tires and heavy stuff that drops gas mileage is i am not going to actually use them.

my current wrangler wouldn't have lift springs if it would be just mine. it was actually bought for my son and he actually uses it in the mountains of colorado so lift springs and heavier bumpers to yank and winch from seem like useful mods.