Can you ID this carb?


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I pulled this weber carb off of my 89 yj 4.2L, it ran great but I've installed the howell tbi, so carb goes to ebay. BUT, I can't figure out what it is, I THINK it might be a 38 DGES but I'm not sure..

It has a few markings:

on the front:
a number 1 with a circle around it and Made in Spain

on the passenger side:
???A3 (not sure what the ? letters are)

On the rear:
number 27 in a circle

On top:
both of the butterfly valves say 11 (or =) on them

On the bottom:
a date code wheel (02)
both of the butterfly valves say 78o (degrees)

Here are some choice images (click them for full size):

many pictures here:
ImageShack -

Many thanks for any help. I'll be happy to answer any other questions.
Realizing this is an old thread still I wanted to confirm it's ID. It is as you suspected a 38DGES.
All genuine Webers have the Series and size stamped into the base flange, this one can be found on the end opposite of that with the choke assembly.