clutch issue

Dave Allen

New member
Hello all. I have a '69 CJ5. It has the Dauntless V6, a T98 4 speed, what I believe are stock axles. I have been having an issue with the clutch. It is very abrupt on engagement. It will chirp the tires in second or reverse when you start out. Because the rear tires leave equal black stripes I wonder if it has a possi diff. I have owned it 2 years and it has always been abrupt. I changed the clutch, TO bearing, pressure plate when I first got it because of a TO bearing noise. The clutch parts looked pretty good, but I changed them to new. The clutch was still abrupt and then it broke down. The TO bearing guide had snapped off, After a search I found the front retainer from a T10 was the same part aside from one hole being half a hole off. Back together, it broke again. I took it to a local shop and had then put in the clutch (twice on my back was enough for me) it broke again. The third time I used a new LUK clutch kit, and arm. It stayed together this time, but I drove it home and parked it for almost a year. Wife wants it gone, and I have had two people very interested in it, the second one a Jeep guy. The first decided the steering was a concern, but she was able to deal with the abrupt clutch. The second guy said the steering was normal but couldn't handle the abrupt clutch. When I had it changed by the shop I asked to have the flywheel cut. It was glazed but didn't look bad. The shop that was to cut the flywheel had their machine go down, so the face was just cleaned and roughed up to remove the glaze. It is still very abrupt I am thinking it may still need the flywheel cut or replaced. What do you think? it is still all mechanical linkage and that works like it should.

I forgot to ad that the clutch pedal throw is pretty normal. Just abrupt.