duraspark ignition module?


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I have this old ignition module still hooked up on my jeep and was wondering what it is being used for? When I bought the jeep, the PO had installed a MSD dizzy and coil which would already have a built in module. Can I safely just delete this? I'm trying my best to clean up a rats nest of wires and chase electrical issues and this seems like a good source of said issues.


Ok, after browsing different boards and doing my google mechanic skills, I have found this is a idle control module not a ignition control as I previously thought. So on that note, being this is a TBI setup which has a IAC I would really imagine this thing is useless and is most likely doing ZERO. I am just going to disconnect the plug from it tonight and see how things run.
Hello and welcome to jeepz.com . Thank you for your posts and sharing your repair project with us. It no doubt helps to serve anyone else who may encounter the same questions upon upgrade as you are now doing. If the injection system and ignition are in fact installed correctly and the driver ECM or PCM depending on what year the donor parts were acquired from are also installed correctly , I see no reason why you cannot just delete them as you've planned . Before removing wiring or any modules , be certain you are sure the previously mentioned components are complete in terms of installation and operation . The old components from the ECM driven ignition and feedback carburetor can be removed once your sure the existing systems are working right . As you've said , they will no longer serve any purpose to your new fuel and ignition system but to take up space , add clutter and confuse during regular maintenance and/or diagnostics. Simply put , out with the old , in with the new. I don't know what year system was installed and from what make but it would be beneficial for you to have this information when tune up and repair time comes around so you know what parts to buy to be consistent with year make and model . It also helps your search to make certain your new systems are complete and installed correct . Hope this helps and best of luck . Thank you for your membership . Questions regarding installation of sensors in future diagnostics and your clean up of the under hood " rats nest " should be posted in this thread . Thanks again , Greg
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Thanks for the welcome note! I would imagine I will be here frequently. I am far from a mechanic (other than a google one) at this point but am quickly learning what is needed to own one of these old but wonderful rides. Thanks again and happy jeeping!
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Thanks for the welcome note! I would imagine I will be here frequently. I am far from a mechanic (other than a google one) at this point but am quickly learning what is needed to own one of these old but wonderful rides. Thanks again and happy jeeping!
Your most welcome . More pictures of the current install of the fuel and ignition system are welcome since injection and ignition system upgrade is a hot topic on the CJ and other jeeps of the '70's and '80's era. Your jeep seems to be successful and will be a good starting point for anyone whom wishes to upgrade as you have . Thanks again , Greg
Well, unplugged the idle speed control module for a few days and all ran just fine so out it came. My only problem now is that once I noticed that, I noticed everything else that is wired up crazy. I can't believe that AMC thought duct tape was a great tool to use for electrical wiring and I found out that if you have a pain pill addiction like the PO that you should not do anything related to engine wiring in your spare time. I will post some pics of the beginning of the wiring fiasco this evening. My hopes are to do a wiring spit and shine without spending $800.00 on a painless kit.
From the description of the under hood wiring , it sounds like not much if anything was removed from the original system and the injection system and ECM/PCM ( depending on what year system was installed) was just installed over it . About the only wiring that comes to mind that may have been borrowed for the new system may be the charging system . Even that would have to be upgraded since it's likely the older system would have a lower amperage output and wouldn't be adequate to run the injection system and all its sensors . As a suggestion , it may be best to follow all of what currently connected and find if anything isn't connected . The old system was just an ECM which were mounted under the dash , a dura spark module and distributor , an electronic feedback carter BBD carburetor and what draw the ECM needed from the alternator which may have just been a simple junction . Regardless of what year your cj7 is , it is best noted to follow what year , make and model the ignition and fuel system was liberated from to help follow a basic diagram to insure that all is complete and that anything else found will be verified as not part of this current system . Wondering if any of the original wiring was borrowed to complete the install and the wiring gauge is not up to spec ? If the job was done correctly , that shouldn't be an issue but shouldn't be overlooked .
P.S. - although the painless systems are nice ( and $$ ) , agreed , it may not be necessary in your case . Inspection of the system will verify condition and completeness . But even so , it would be hard to order a new system since your jeep is no longer stock so that may only leave you with aftermarket and not original equipment.