East TN

There are TN jeepers on here. Don't know how many, but there are a few from smokey Mt area, Ashville NC, Murphy NC, and a few others around the area. If you read posts most will have their location at the top right of their post.

Hey all.

I just moved to Johnson City from Chicago.

Looking to meet a few people and go wheelin!

Any good 4x4 spots?

Looking at the map, you are probably about an hour drive from here. You should check out the Blue Ridge Parkway.
It runs through here.
I'm sure we have lots of good places around me. I can't do anything rough anymore "too many bad vertebras in my neck". Also old as dirt. ha....I am going to try the vintage jeep ride from Va. to Brevard, NC, next month.
I think most of them will camp for the 3 days. I will be in a motel. But it should be a blast.
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Hey Everybody!!! :beer:
It's Bristol, Baby!!! Hey XJ, I am from Des Moines originally. When did you get here? I moved here in 07. I am 7 miles east of the track
1983 CJ7 Renegade