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2012 Jk wrangler.

Within the last year all at once my headlights/blinkers/windshield wipers went out. I replaced the multifunction switches on the steering column. That fixed it. However about a month later they went out again. This time when I changed out those multifunction switches it did not fix it. So I checked the fuses. They are all good. Shortly after the headlights/blinkers/wipers went out. So did my horn and buttons on the steering wheel went out. Ok, so clockspring is out.

well I finally got the money to take it to an auto electric shop. The problem is we are at a loss. He got a good reading with the TIPM and good communication into the switches but the switches themselves were acting dead. So he replaced those. The new ones were testing good but the problem is still there. Moving on the the horn/buttons. He tested the clockspring and it is testing good.

so TLDR: headlights/windshield wipers/blinkers and horn/steering wheel buttons are all out. TIPM, switches, fuses, clockspring all reading good and getting good communication throughout.

any help is much appreciated! Surely someone else has had an issue similar.

You could try disconnecting the battery for an hour or so and see if that helps. You'll need to reset your radio presets I believe.
The next thing I'd try is looking for a bad ground.
Bad grounds. Start at the battery clean yo a polished shine and look for corroded wires. Grounds should go to body and engine.
Then clean the ground behind the dashboard. And check the connectors are connected.
Load test your battery and alternator.

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