Got ducked for the first time today


No idea this was a thing and I’m pretty in to Jeep trends but I was at college today and went back to my car and there was a duck! Wasn’t sure so I looked it up and think I’ll pass it on

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That's a new one on me! I was thinking a real duck which reminded me of a goose walking up my mountain driveway yrs ago. It was preventing me from getting home. I'd ease up to it and bump it with the bumper of my XJ and it would fly 20' and go back to walking. We repeated this process all the way to the top. It hung around for a few days and then was gone.
Oh wow, I am sure that it is from a lady because of its color. LOL :lol:

Yeah I so see this as a macho move. Men ducking other men's jeeps.

But I never heard of this. The whole idea is new to me.


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I got ducked the other day while I was in walmart.
I vaguely remembered this thread and had to google about jeep ducks to verify that's why there was a duck on my door handle.