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I'm trying to install an aftermarket wiper switch it the old stile nob in an 87 wrangler anybody know where i can find all the wires for the wiper motor so i can hook up all the wires that need to be hooked up.

Hey redwolf , welcome to . So your wiper switch is not column mounted , it is dash mounted ? Well , typical or not , that's what you got so let's deal with it. Column mounted switches have a harness that travels down through the column and disconnect with a plug near the ignition and turn signal switches . Your dash switch should have a plug behind the dash and disconnect from the back of the switch. You will have to look behind the dash which may be a little difficult so if any lower panels can be removed from the dash , that will help you to see what your dealing with and work easier. I never seen a dash mounted switch for the jeep wrangler for wipers , possible to post a picture ? Usually the wiper switch would be located on the column of this model jeep . Do you know if this has been modified by a previous owner ? The only control that would be factory on the dash for wipers would be the rear wipers that I know of.
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