I am all alone!

I live in Garden City, Ks.
Sorry your not alone anymore. lol

So do any of you guys work on your jeeps? I am in the process of stroking the tj.
Pulled the engine over the weekend and tore it down. Waiting on the machinist to get back from vacation. So who is in the Army? My son is an Apache Pilot.
I think he has the best job and he gets paid for it.

Come on is anybody out there?

I live in Wichita Kansas.


You are not alone. I spend 90% of my time in the far side of the world--where I an VEX are not from this lifeform matrix. I understand. I am in Las Cruces NM, now, instead of home in my place and home in Majahual, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, on the beach in the Yucatan. I am homesick--for my place, the beach, the people, the maidens and my two stunning maiden roommates.

Come on down to Las Cruces.

Welcome here and hail the long distance voyagers, all of us.

Hat is tipped.

Sorry didn't check the board for a long time. I still don't have jeep and am still in Italy. I was talking about trailing when I am home.

So where are you at in Italy? I spent a lot of time there in port in the Navy.
I'm right near the Army base is Vicenza. I live in Valle San Floriano at the base of the alps. It's a part of Marostica and about 15 minutes away from Bassano Del Grappa by car, and an hour from Venice by train.

What port were you in?
I got the 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited Sahara. I don't like how people just jump to "that's not a jeep" I really don't use the back seat it's the trunk space I wanted. What do you have?

We have a 69 commando half cab, three cherokees, 92, 93, 95, a 93 grand cherokee,
89 comanche and 2001 wrangler and still looking for more. I just can not get enough of them. LOL