I go to the grocery store for milk, and come home with tools


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I'm not sure if you guys have Lidel where you live, but I generally like them. I will say they offer some very budget tools along the lines of harbor freight. My wife gives me a hard time because every time I go grocery shopping I come home with more tools.

Does this happen to anybody else?


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We dont have that store but i do like that stepped drill bit.

I dont know whats in the big bag.
The stepped drill bit and the big bag of sandpaper / sanding blocks were $5 each.
The probe was $15.

Lidel is alot like Aldi - a large grocery chain from Europe. Lidel has it's own brand (Parkside) of tools, including battery powers mowers and stuff.

Thats cool. I guess the closest we have to that is walmart

Question is did you use the tools for dinner?

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