Motobilt Jeep TJ 4 link kit!!!


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We know many of you have been waiting and we are excited to announce the launch of the Motobilt Jeep TJ 4 link kit as of today! 8/3/16 We are taking pre-orders now over the phone 334-219-2333 or you can go and click here Jeep TJ 4 Link kit Pre Order!


Jeep TJ 4 Link kit Pre Order!

Building high quality fabricated products for offroad vehicles is the mission. The Motobilt Jeep TJ Four Link Suspension Kit consists of an assembly that mounts ot the frame and houses both the upper and lower links for the front and rear 4 link suspension. This kit was designed to make it easier to install 4 linked suspension by taking out the guess work.

The kit is fabricated from high strength CNC laser cut steel plate. The main bodies where the links bolt in and the skid are all 1/4" steel plate for ultimate strength. Some of the secondary plates to box in the link mounts and internal gusseting are 3/16" steel plate. The design comes to you fully welded and ready to install into the Jeep. Once receiving the kit you will be required to weld the parts in place. The parts are located very easily with the factory skid plate mounting holes.

This is a Pre Order sale price! Once the first kit ships the Pre Order price will end. Existing orders should ship in 7-10 business days. New orders will ship approximately by the end of August.

Jeep TJ 4 Link kit Pre Order!