Rust Behind Windshield Hinges


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My '88 YJ has so much rust behind windshield hinges, there are holes into the cab. LOL. I removed the windshield and the hinges snapped, so I am installing new ones and a whole new windshield and gaskets. Removed the hinges to do so and a mess is underneath, literally rust in the shape of the hinges, I need to cut it out and weld in some new metal. Has anyone done this repair? What gauge steel should I use (16 or 18). Obviously it needs to be strong. I am a better overlap welder, but I imagine this needs to be a butt weld so the holes line up right after repair. The pic. is not my jeep, but it is exactly what it looks like. My Jeep is a "monster" and all this will be covered in epoxy paint (monstaliner), so I am not wanted a perfect 10/10 pretty repair, just strong.


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