My jeep kicked a$$ today!!!!!


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Today I went wheelin with bunch of guys out on this awesome trail. There are some really tough pits and hills. I was witha guy in a 4cyl 88 4 runner, a guy in a 85 bronco 2, a ram charger on 40's and a guy in a dakota. they're all modified some. They were gettin stuck left and right. I just kept flyin by em. I had to yank each of them out at least 2 times a piece. I didn't even come close to gettin stuck and I was pushing my YJ to its limit. I had so much fun and now I have bragging rights :-D :-D :-D [addsig]

What are you running for tires? I´m not real happy with what I have and yours sound like they did pretty good. Were you in the mud?[addsig]

Very Nice, sad thing is when i go wheelin i am the biggest there, Most of my friends drive trackers[addsig]


Right now i'm runnin 33x12.50 wide climber A/T. hell ya we were in the mud!!! :lol: I've never had more mud on my jeep t han i did today. I couldn't believe how much traction my tires got because they're A/Ts. [addsig]

Neat when you park it in front of the house and the only clean spot on it, is from the windshield wipers. And the only clean spot on you, is your eyeballs. :lol:
Sounds like you got a pretty good match of tire, wieght and machine. Depending on the mud, often the AT´s will do better than the MT´s. You kinda float and power instead of digging in.

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Do you not love it when a plan comes together? Any time you can ride with a bunch of off roaders and come back on top of the heap you make the rest of the Jeep crowd proud. tug[addsig]


Way to put Tug, and thats why we all own jeeps. We dont settle for second best baby!!! Romp. :-D :-D :-D [addsig]

The guy with the toy didn't do so bad either. but the kid is a wuss. everytime someone would get stuck he would just drive off, so I got stuck with all of the tuggin. not a problem, I get to show off a little too :-D [addsig]