Rear defogger tab repair...


Anyone attempt this?
Gonna order the parts off Amazon and do it since the 'stealer' told me the whole window needs to be replaced?!? ... $1,188! And they added that even though I just got the Jeep 3 weeks ago (used) they most likely won't write it off.:x

I Googled it and the repair seems easy enough, just need the right stuff. Sanding down the mating surfaces and then applying the 2 part conductive adhesive... what can go wrong? :lol::lol:

I found this one:
I'm at a loss here.
Finally got around to troubleshooting a bit more...
Switch works, got power to the back.
Checked resistance across the window, perfect contact.
Checked voltage and ZERO.
Checked voltage on tabs, battery voltage... not transferring to the strip.
My repair, works great! Factory side eff'd up.
Removed, Checked voltage on bottom of connector - good, got battery volts.
Pushed down onto strip, zero voltage again?!?!

Gonna see if I can get a new connector from store and try bare wire first, if good then connect new connector.
Otherwise I am going to leave it alone!

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Is it all or none? Or a few work?
If all or none start back before the door then to the window… it is possible you have a hard wiring break where the feed flexes.pushing in window makes door contact.

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I unplugged the connector (the one you disconnect to take hard top off) and tested the voltage there, it's perfect.

Then plugged it back in and tested on the window, that's where the rest is from.

If I had hair I'd have pulled it all out!!!

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Does the glass swing open or stationary?

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Here is a good video. The two things i will add. Make sure your window is in a warm area or garage. Then preheat the window area with a heat gun or hairdryer to lessen thermal shock. Second use a large set of pliers (thermal mass) to hold the button once the solder flows on glass and button. This will pull the heat out, Set the solder and avoid stressing the glass thermally. Too much heat in one area too fast is thermal shock and can cause glass to explode.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson