Weber carb.--embarrassing install questions


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Hoping you can help me out with some very basic install questions. I have an 83 CJ-7 that the person I bought it from had removed all the polution control stuff and made other modifications. I have just replaced the original P.O.S. carburator with a Weber and a new fuel filter and find that I don't know where to hook up the float bowl vent ( on the old carb it was just capped) and what to do with the 3rd port on the new fuel filter. The old filter only had two ports, so that was easy to figure out. I'm not the greatest mechanic you will ever find, so I apologize that these questions are very basic. Got to get the rig running well soon, our season in Northern Minnesota is very short.

Thanks for your help![addsig]


hmm... you sure you got the right fuel filter? [addsig]

Nope, not sure if the filter is the correct one or not, but as I look at the Weber install pictures, they seem to show a fuel filter with one hose coming from the fuel pump and two going toward the carb. Can't tell exactly where they are going tho.

Do you know if the float bowl vent is just something that can be capped or routed overboard?[addsig]


The float bowl is the biggest port toward the top of the carb. It is on an angle. The other side should have a hex bolt on it that acts like a plug. It is so you can switch the port to either side of the carb. What ever is easiest for your installation. Your fuel filter should have 1 inlet port and 2 outlet ports the smaller diameter one toward the outer part of the filter going back to the fual tank. and the bigger one in the middle going to that port in the carb.[addsig]

thanks Jay89,

Sounds like you have done this before. Does the float bowl vent get routed back to the fuel tank as well?[addsig]