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Welcome to Jeepz.com!

This section has been created to give new members a chance to introduce themselves, and to outline some of our sections that may be of interest. So, feel free to start a new thread in this section to say hello to everyone. If you have photos of your Jeep handy, you can feel free to upload them as well.

You've already found the Message board. We also offer a place for you to upload your own photos, in our Reader's Rides Section.

We do our best to keep things family friendly, and to have a good time.

Terry Mason
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Thanx Terry looking forward to the chit chat with the fine folks @ JEEPZ
This is Catamount Joe, a new Jeep owner and I named her Mid-Life Crisis.
Looking forward to chatting with all of you.
I am a newbee myself! Have learned a lot of cool stuff!! Mid-life crisis? Naaaahhh, mid-life "finally time to have some flippin' fun, and throw caution to the wind 'cause I am only as old as I feel, and heck I look pretty good too" crisis maybe!

Ok, rifle is on the map! Will send photos soon you guys have some great advice,(i was stalking your site for info before joining your site!)look forward to seeing you guys in moab next year!
Not open for further replies.