1. 2008 wrangler v6 automatic no power / high fuel trim

    My dad has a 2008 Wrangler with a v6, automatic. The thing has no power, it sees a hill coming an starts slowing down :). We tried to use it to pull a car out of the ditch and even in 4 low it wouldnít pull it out. The odd thing is it wouldnít spin the tires at all either (maybe traction control??). Once we tried going up a steep grass hill and it did the same thing, no spinning, just not enough power to go any further.. It gets 11.5-12.5 mpg. I plugged a code reader in even though it didnít have any lights on and it showed the long term fuel trim was +17.2 on bank 1 and +13.3 on bank 2 at an idle. When you hold the gas at 2500 rpm both drop to +/- 1. The other thing is on my reader it shows bank 1/bank 2 sensor 2 short term trim at 99.2, it doesnít move no matter what you do. I am not sure if this is a function of the reader and there is no sensor 2 fuel trim or not? I tried spraying brake clean while at an idle around the vacuum hoses to see if I could find a vacuum leak, but nothing changed the idle. I did change the plugs and air filter with no change... any thoughts on where I could go next? Trying to help my dad but I donít know a lot about jeeps..
    thanks for looks and any comments!!
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    Re: 2008 wrangler v6 automatic no power / high fuel trim

    You may have a leaky injector.
    Clean the TB and IAC. The air temp sensor.
    You may have a bad O2 sensor or clogged CAT or exhaust to be loosing lots of power.

    Any transmission slipping?
    Consider power flush and new trans filter.

    Quick check for blocked cats... remove and unplug all 4 O2 sensors and go for a drive. You will throw codes but will know if it is O2, CAT or Exhaust. Mark each O2 and where you got it from.

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