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  1. Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    Hey everyone. A little backstory...i'm a 3 time war vet. Retiring after 20 years. My kids have taken the brunt of that 20 years as i've missed a lot of time with them. Now that i'm retiring and not going to be on the road they asked for 2 things...a camper and a jeep to work on.

    I'm pretty caught up on this one. Can you tell me if it's a good one to invest $4,000 in?

    Description: 1978 Jeep CJ7 with a 304 V8. Axles out of a 78 Cherokee. Lifted. 33Ē tires. Custom front and rear bumpers. B&M ratchet shifter. New painless wire harness. All new gauges. Tons and tons of new parts. Lots of work out into this Jeep. Long tube headers. Side exit exhaust. Newer soft top. Full doors. Custom roll cage. Lots of other stuff. Jeep needs a new flex plate. Couple teeth ground off of it so it makes noise sometimes. I have the new part just no time to install it.

    So I don't think i'll get to hear it run. He did say it hasn't been off roading. Was a daily summer driver and ALWAYS garage kept. Here are the pics. I'm set to see it Wednesday the 2nd. Thanks for any help!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?-78.jpg  

    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?-78.4.jpg  

    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?-78.5.jpg  

    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?-78.6.jpg  

    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?-78.3.jpg  

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    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    EDIT: Manners
    Thank you for serving.

    ...Poke around the frame with a screwdriver to check for rot and soft spots. Look behind the armor plates fir damage or rotting body.
    The soft top may need the plastic inserts fir the corners to looked rounded.

    Doors do not close properly. Are they for this jeep? Door surrounds up top missing. Correct top?

    Is he the original owner? Never off road. There is a lot of dirt and rust under that hood.

    If you have someone with you, have them turn the wheel stop to stop and you look at the front of the frame to look for broken welds or rot.

    Full roll cage. Is nice.

    4k is not bad.

    Looks like a good project jeep

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    Re: Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    X2 thanks for your time in service brother. Just from what I can see (that I had to do to mine) I got rid of those seats and it's much easier to climb in/out of. Also I saw an incorrect fuel filter, and the spark plug wires need to be better organized.

    Also the front/rear axle conversion looks wide in the photo.

    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?-black-betty-copy.jpg

    Just for me, I'm not a fan of automatic transmissions, don't get me wrong, this is just me.
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    Re: Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    Thanks all for the help. I got a shop who will agree to do the flex plate for me for not too much money. I'm not confident enough to drop the tranny myself. I'll poke around and do all other stuff on Wed. Pretty excited. Any other tips. please keep them coming...

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    Re: Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    Not bad. I have a 79 cj7 with the 304 with the three speed transmission. I can tell ya that one is going to get hot unless you get a shroud on it. Mine didnít have it either and took a bit to figure that out. Lots of good upgrades you can do. Iíll try and get a pic of what Iíve done if you like. Also, do you have lockers on those front wheels?

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  6. Re: Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    Congrats on your new ride! Good luck with the modification process. Make sure to keep us posted with this build.

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